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United Nations Security Council


Open Agenda
Mission Statement - Rebuilding the Fractures of 2020 & working towards a Global Ceasefire

    Disarmament and International Security Committee


    A crisis of political disaccord, monopolisation of resources, and negative proliferation of technology in the face of the global pandemic

      Special Political and Decolonization Committee


      Topic A: Resolving the Maritime Territorial Disputes: A Case Study of the South China Sea

      Topic B: The worsening situation of Hormuz in Regards to Shifts of Israel’s Position in the Arab World

        Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee


        Topic A: Human Rights Violations in regards to the Conflicts in Middle East and South Asia

        Topic B: Protection of children from child prostitution, sex trafficking and sex tourism.

          Organisation of Islamic Cooperation


          Topic A: The Shia-Sunni Conflict and the Shifting Paradigms of the Middle East Cold War

          Topic B: The issue of Increasing Iraq-Turkey Tensions and the Formation of an Independent Kurdistan

            International Atomic Energy Agency


            Topic A: Efficacy of IAEA safeguards with special emphasis on the Middle East

            Topic B: Reforming the IAEA and its relation with UNSC

              Federation Internationale de Football Association


              Topic A: Assessing the potential of the European Super League

              Topic B: Reevaluating the Legitimacy and Utility of the VAR System in Modern-day Football

                pakistan national assembly


                Rolling Crisis around:

                1. Role of Establishment in internal politics
                2. Economic and Foreign Policy
                3. Ongoing Opposition Movement within Pakistan

                crisis committee


                Provisional IRA Army Executive

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