Usman Omer

Chair UNSC

Muhammad Saljuk

Chair UNSC

Greetings delegates!

The prestige of the ACMUN society or the event itself needs no introduction; it holds strong meaning to not just me but everyone involved in it's organization. I, Muhammad Usman Omer, will serve as the chair of the United Nations Security Council for eighth edition of ACMUN. I've represented the ACMUN society for 4 years now. Having enjoyed a prolific career, I have managed invaluable experience of the practice, which serves as assurance that you are in capable hands. The criteria by which you are judged will be a comprehensive one; don't expect to win me through just fiery rhetoric and flowery language for I believe there is much more to MUN's than that. Strategic lobbying and diplomatic speeches hold the key to winning this committee. Furthermore, your discipline will be just as strong a consideration as your quality of debate.

As far as the topics and the nature of the committee are concerned, I expect the committee to be a very fast paced one. It is essential to utilise the dual delegate status of this committee in order to dominate and direct committee proceeding. Happy researching and good luck!

Hope to see you all in September!

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