Abdullah Imran


Jawad Omer


Greetings Delegates,
My name is Abdullah Imran and I will serving as the chair for UNHRC at ACMUN IX. I have been a part of the MUN circuit for quite some time and have won awards at national and international conferences so rest assured you are in safe hands. As a chair there are certain expectations I have from the delegates who will be attending this committee. The first of those expectations being that every delegate should be well researched and prepared for the committee. This means that not only should you have an idea about the issue and your country's stance on it, but you should have critically analysed the whole situation as well. Not only will this help you in the committee but it will help you understand world issues to a much deeper level and ultimately fulfil the entire purpose of Model UNs as well. My second expectation from you is that each and every one of you should speak their heart out because once you step foot into the committee room, you're the ultimate voice of your country. The situation in south Sudan may or may not affect your country and capital punishments may or may not be a relevant issue for your country, but as a representative you're expected to voice your opinion and the opinion of your nation in the most respectable manner. My final expectation is regarding unmoderated caucuses. The easiest way to spot an amateur delegate from an experienced one is the way he or she treats his fellow delegates during an un-mod. The dais would expect each delegate to maintain a level of formality in both, moderated and unmoderated caucuses. Using unfair means to take advantage of another delegate or shouting at the top of your lungs does not make you a diplomat. And to be the best delegate of UNHRC you will have to be a skilled diplomat. In the words of Winston Churchill, "Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go hell in such a way that they ask for directions." MUNs are a fun and productive activity if done right. I hope UNHRC is the best committee I have ever been a part of and I hope you delegates make that possible. Make the formal sessions entertaining and we will make the ‘informal’ sessions entertaining for you.
Best of luck,
Abdullah Imran Tahir.

Greetings delegates!
My name is Jawad Omer and I will be serving as the co-chair of UNHRC along with Abdullah Imran. I have been a part of the Parliamentary debates circuit and the Model United Nations circuit since the past 5 years so rest assured you are in safe hands. As a chair there are only two things I look for in a delegate. Firstly, content. This encompasses things like how well researched you are, do you know the part of the topic which will be strategically beneficial for you to focus on and most importantly your stance.Secondly, diplomacy. Within this an ideal delegate is expected to lead the committee, make people listen to him/her and most important do all of this without stopping down to dirty diplomacy. This years topics test all of these skills adequately as they are vast topics with a lot of potential in terms of debate and engagement and I hope that all of you exploit it! I look forward to seeing you all at ACMUN this year!

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