Ahmad Zaki

Chair PNA

Mustapha Zeb


Chair PNA

Greetings delegates!

My name is Ahmad Zaki, and I will be serving as your committee chair. Chairing the Pakistan National Assembly, is very special for me; I began my MUN career as a delegate in PNA 4 years ago. Since then, I have participated in and won awards at several Model United Nation conferences . Needless to say, you’re in safe hands. I look forward to heated debate, intense lobbying and a display of diplomacy at its finest. I expect a lot from this committee so everyone needs to be thoroughly prepared. Dirty MUN tactics will not be appreciated and plain rhetoric will not win you an award in this committee; the dais expects comprehensive frameworks and astute diplomacy. My aim is to ensure that each and every delegate leaves the conferences having learnt something out of it. Apart from these expectations of a high level of debate, I will also ensure that the committee is fun and all delegates have an enjoyable experience. I welcome you all to this year’s ACMUN and wish you the best of luck.
Feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

See you this September!

To the equipped few,

Abraham Lincoln once stated, “…do I not destroy my enemies, when I make them my friends?”

Delegates, politicians, parliamentarians, I, Mustapha Zeb Khan, the President of the Aitchison College Science Society, finds it as an utmost pleasure to host you at the ninth edition of ACMUN, and I find it as my rightful duty to lead you as your chair at the summoning of the Pakistan National Assembly.

I will not utilize this as a stage for blowing up my accomplishments as a MUN-ner and gloating and disclosing to you that you are in safe hands, rather I will be straightforward and reveal to you that this will be my first time chairing a committee. I acknowledge that around 75% of the readers will not focus upon the standards I set for the committee, which will result into a display of diplomacy at its finest.

But for the fellow 25%, I feel it essential that you dissect every word of my introduction down, and instead of making enemies – make friends, guide them from their aloofness, or even manipulate them to your will and showcase to them the essence of the National Assembly. Doing admirably at a committee brings about significantly more than winning a gavel, it encourages you to improve your capacity to arrange and increment your incentive as an individual from society.

A connoisseur of politics, and game theory – I welcome diplomacy, but I will not frown upon one-upping yourself from your enemy. Remember delegates, you are expected to be politicians here, not diplomats. However, my dais and I will not tolerate abuse, disrespect, nepotism, and weakened solutions. We look forward to you bringing solid documentation, stable research, and dexterous politics – alongside that, we also expect you to not drift away in limbo and convene a bland presentation of yourselves.

For brownie points, I only have two words, Elon Musk.


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