Haris Zaki


Greetings, delegates.
My name is Haris Zaki and it is an honor to welcome you all to the Crisis Cabinet at Aitchison College Model United Nations 2017. My affair with specialized and crisis committees began many years back, at my first MUN conference. The fast paced and liberated nature of the proceedings attracted me, and I sincerely hope that for all of you who attend my cabinet this year, you feel the same way. You will have the (relative) freedom to do as you wish with your abilities, given that you stay relevant to the crisis. For the duration of the conference, you will be tasked to deal with issues the like of which you have never dealt with before. As one of the more cutthroat and unpredictable committees at the conference this year, I am expecting the debate over the weekend to be substantive and fierce. However, I am confident that each and every one of you will bring nothing but your very best to the table when it comes to addressing these issues. The one thing I cannot abide is a boring and lifeless committee. However, I will do my best to ensure that all of you are kept on your toes.

On a side note, I’m aware this note makes me seem very bland and boring. I like to believe that is not the case, and hopefully, we’ll have a pretty chill and memorable committee, Good luck!

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