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My name is Hisham Aamir Syed and I will be serving as the chair of the Crisis Committee. I've participated in various National and International Model United Nations and I believe you should be humble in everything you do so I will not hesitate in not telling you that I have always won a shield award at every MUN I have participated in :) I have been the director of Crisis at ACMUN before so don't worry, you are in safe hands. Even if you somehow make your life's worst decision by going into any committee other than crisis, you will still see me many times over the course of the conference with a guitar and microphone in front of me at your socials. Crisis is a completely different committee. Here not only your speaking and lobbying skills are tested, your strategy is too. You will run the committee with whatever you choose to write in your directives. You can let it run smoothly and let tranquility prevail throughout the sessions or you could choose to wreak havoc of all sorts (I'd prefer the second choice). Mind you, this doesnt mean that your speaking skills and lobbying aren't important. They are very important but if you cannot strategise as good as you can speak or show diplomacy then the dias won't be too pleased.

Lastly, the conference isn't just about winning. Try to have fun, meet new people, make new friendships and live these 4 days to your fullest because they won't be coming again till next year. If you have any queries you can message me ( or any other member of the dias.

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